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Future Plans for this Web Site

Get Paid to Surf the Net

Here are some ways you can make money surfing the web. Getting paid to surf the internet? What a concept! I've personally been participating in the following programs. And, they do seem to be legitimate and on the level. I'll keep you posted on this page. Note that these sites also pay for referrals (except no spamming is allowed), so please click on my banner listed below to give me credit for your referral!

Join the MyPoints Program. Earn free rewards!

MyPoints works a little differently. You receive gifts or rewards (which are almost as good as cash since many are gift certificates to places you will likely shop). You are also rewarded for viewing advertiser's sites and reading e-mail ads. You only get one or so a day, so it's not overwhelming. You also only receive a one-time benefit for referrals. It's still a good site!