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My Favorite Web Sites

Where Do I Go When I Surf the Net?


Table of Contents

Doyle's Huge List of Links

Bettas (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Siamese Fighting Fish are my favorite tropical fish. I raised them for a short while and might get back into the hobby again someday...if I can ever find the time!

The International Betta Congress
The International Betta Congress (IBC) is THE betta organization.

Dig the Bible - Biblical Archaeology & Christian Links

Biblical Archaeology and other Christian Links can be found at my Dig the Bible web site!


For the self-employed or small business owner or those seeking to start their own business!

Better Business Bureau
For basic reference checks on businesses.
SBA: U.S. Small Business Administration
The U.S. organization formed by congress to help small businesses.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber's national web site.
The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
A Piece of the Net (my business) is a proud member of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

Computer Stuff

Hey, you have to have a computer to use the Internet... well, it's still the best way to access the net. And, the computer is a necessary business tool, and computer stuff is my business, so here are some important computer links.

Computer Retailers

Places to purchase computers and computer stuff.

A Piece of the Net
That's right! Go to my own business site to find who I recommend for purchasing computer equipment.

Computer Software

Where do I go to download great software?

Software Directories

These sites contain lots of different software programs or have links to them. They are a great source to search for freeware and shareware software.

Lots of software of all types, with reviews and rankings.
Another great place to find software of all types, with reviews and rankings.!
Lots of free Windows utilities.

Software Companies

These are the "official" sites for specific software programs that I happen to think are good (well, someone had to judge them and since it's my web site...).

Apple - QuickTime
QuickTime is a video player for Windows and Mac computers. It is used for video output on many websites and is an important download if you do not already have it on your computer (the basic version is free).
Flash, Shockwave, and of course, HomeSite (tools I use for designing web sites).
Microsoft much as I hate to, I guess I had to have a link to Microsoft.
Microsoft Office
And Microsoft's 2nd greatest contribution (next to Windows itself).
Workarounds for Windows annoyances. Windows is pretty cool (especially compared to the old DOS standard), but it can be downright annoying at times!
Quicken is excellent for managing personal finances. Use Quicken Home and Business if your personal and business finances are mixed.
QuickBooks is the counterpart for Quicken designed specifically for managing business finances.
If you don't already have it, get the Real Player for viewing audio and video on web sites. Real Player (the basic, not plus version) is FREE.


Run software for old computer systems on your PC! Great fun for us old timers who like to reminisce of the old days.

M.A.M.E. Emulation

This emulator allows you to run the original arcade video games (the coin-operated types) software on your P.C. Good luck finding the ROM's! They are challenging to find and the sites keep dropping.

MAME - The official Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
Just that, THE emulator to run original arcade games on your P.C.
MAME32 (MAME for Windows)
A windows version of the M.A.M.E. emulator. - THE Arcade Game Database
A great database of info about arcade games.

Intellivision Emulation

Go back to yesteryear with an Intellivision emulator for your PC! At the time, it was pretty hot stuff, with better games than its more popular competitor, the Atari 2600. I had and played one of these for years!

Official Intellivision Website
Download 9 free games and purchase two more complete CD of their games.
About the only Intellivision emulator other than than the official Blue Sky Rangers. It is free, but you have the problem of finding the ROM's.
Intellivision Archive
You can view many of the game manuals and overlays here.

Commodore 64 Emulation

Go back to yesteryear with a C64 emulator for your PC! Hey, I've had alot of fun resurrecting my old C64 stuff - wish I had kept a bit more of it! This made my Intellivision obsolete for the most part. I kept the C64 until I bought my first IBM 286 Clone. At that time, the C64 was still a better game machine than IBM PC's!

Definitely one of the better emulators. Use F9 for the interface. Not as easy to use as WinVice, but possibly more compatible.
The VICE Emulator
WinVice has a nice windows interface and also emulates most of the Commodore machines.
Arnold Commodore FTP Search
If you know the name of the C64 software program you are looking for, here's the place to search!
Games galore! Very nicely organized.
Lemon - Commodore 64 Heaven
They claim to be your one stop for everything commodore. They certainly have alot of good stuff, nicely organized.
The Great C64 Cheats Compendium
Helpful if you need to cheat and now how to poke!

E-Mail Greeting Cards

Save postage, send e-mail greeting cards!

1001 Postcards: Free Greetings
Send a greeting card via e-mail!
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Another site for sending free greeting cards.

E-Mail Legends

Is that virus warning true? Probably not! Did that really happen? Probably not! Here's the place to check the email legends out! Note: If you find another good net lore/urban legend site, please forward it to me!

Urban Legends and Folklore
Go here before forwarding that e-mail! Most e-mails circulating that claim to be true are really urban legends!


Ok, a bad habit, well at least a time consuming one, but games sure are fun!

Abandonware Games

Abandonware Games are old computer games (that can be very fun) but can no longer be bought. It's a little bit on the controversial side (ok, very controversial), but you can download many of the old classics for nostalgia's sake!

The Gaming Depot
This site has a lot of "abandonware."
The Official Abandonware Ring
A collection of abandonware sites, just in case those other sites go down!
-.the ultimate oldgames linkpage.-
Even more Abandonware Sites are linked here!
A great driver that allows you to hear old DOS driver sounds for old games on your newer Windows system!

Newer Games

These games are still available in stores or via online order - and the graphics and complexity is better than the older Abandonware Games!

Civilization III
One of my favorite games... it just takes so long to finish a game!
Microsoft Age of Empires
Another favorite game. Did I mention that I play too many games?
Sierra On-Line, Inc.
This company makes many games including the Lord's of the Realm series.
An older game, but a really fun one based on the early classic Star Trek computer text game. However, this one is not text based, and it has real classic Star Trek sound effects. Great Freeware game!

Internet Access

Here are some really low-cost internet access sites. The best route is of course broadband through DSL (your phone company) or cable (your cable company).

Juno started with free e-mail and now does web access. They are a good standard if you are looking for free internet access and free e-mail. Expect to see alot of ads (you get what you pay for).

A Piece of the Net - Web Design and Other Computer Links

Web Site Design and other other computer related links can be found at my business web site.

Consumer Items

That's right. Consumer items. You name it, this is the place to find stuff that you can buy.


Shop online via auctions!

The biggest name in online auctions. But, not the only name!
Another online auction site.
And yet another auction site.

Car Buying

Tools to help you buy a car (or truck)!

Edmund's Car Buying Guide
Edmund's has some really valuable info on car models and pricing.
Kelley Blue Book
Need to know the Blue Book value of a car?


Dr. Pepper
My favorite drink! Be a Pepper!
Hey, hey, hey! My favorite discount store is online!
BizRate Shopping Search
Find the lowest prices on many consumer items!


Web sites for some really good friends of mine! Other friends are listed in other related categories.

Gabe's Place
Visit Gabe Landes' Inchoate Page! What's inchoate mean anyhow? Well, his place is no longer called Inchoate, but it sure is an interesting word - guess you'll have to look it up, now.
Porta-Mix Concrete Mixer/Haulers
Sam Ellis' web site!
Surplus Planet (Max Engineering)
My cousin's web site!

Fun and Games

Actually, games are serious stuff for some of us...


My favorite board game! Would you like to play a game?

My favorite chess program's web site and the first computer that could consistently beat me.
Want to play chess with others over the internet?
Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
No! It's not possible for computers to be smarter than people. I think I'm going to be sick! Maybe Terminator isn't so far fetched...
San Antonio Chess Club
If you're in the San Antonio area...
US Chess Federation
The official site of the U.S. Chess Federation.
Chess Research Study
Some proof of my claims about the benefits of chess!

Other Games

Other brain games, and fun stuff.
Many comic strips can be viewed here!
IQ Test
Test your IQ online!
Mark Longridge's Domain of the Cube, Specialist in Cubes, Video Games, and Math
Ok, so my age is showing! I still like Rubic's Cube, though I was never able to solve it. And, you won't believe how much stuff is on the internet about Rubic's Cube!


Our tax dollars at work!?

Library of Congress
More books, magazines, and other written media than you ever wanted to see!
U.S. Census Bureau
Want to know statistic and demographic information?
The U.S. Treasury
Like you really want to visit the IRS's homepage...
National Do Not Call List
Tired of those annoying sales calls? Get a No Solicitors sign for your phone (in a manner of speaking). It doesn't eliminate all sales calls, but it sure does reduce the number.


Places to go to get good medical information.

National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. (NORD)
A rare disease is one that affects less than 1 out of every 10,000 people. But, one out of every 12 people have a rare disease of some type. This site gives you the information you need on rare diseases.
RxList - The Internet Drug Index
Lists brand names, generic names, and categories of prescription drugs.


We are blessed in the US to be able to vote. And, to make informed votes, we have to be politically aware. I'm sure my bias will be apparent by the links here.

Roll Call Votes - Legislative Activities - Office of the Clerk
See how your U.S. congressmen voted on issues important to you!
Republican National Committee - Welcome to the GOP!
My political bias is showing here! :-)
Rush Limbaugh
An excellent source for political news. Of course, this site is biased. But, unlike our news stations, Rush ADMITS his bias!
Christian Coalition
I'm not a huge fan of the Christian Coalition, but their voter scorecards are VERY informative. I have not seen one in the past year, though.
Texas Christian Coalition
See above about the Christian Coalition. This is the Texas state organization.


That's right! Find a roommate online!

Easy Roommate Search
Find a roommate...
Yes, another find a roommate...


Cool schools? Is school ever cool? Ok, I am a little strange - I did like school. It's better than working!

Robinson Independent School District
My K-12 school - the Robinson Rockets!
Baylor University
My alma mater...
My High School. Visit their home page to find your school at SchoolNews!
My college. Visit their home page to find your school at SchoolNews!
Reunion.Com - ROBINSON H S
My High School. Visit their home page to find your school! - Robinson
Ok, maybe this is somewhat out of place here, but in Texas, High School sports is a pretty important part of school! Great site for following school game scores.


The final frontier!?

I once wanted to work for NASA, so it's only fitting I have a link to it.


Looking at doing your own stock trading? Or, checkout other financial information.

Discount Stock Brokers

Here are some good discount online brokers you can use.

Ameritrade, Inc.

Stock Information

Find out about stocks and do your own research!

The Nasdaq Stock Market
The Nasdaq site now includes the American Stock Exchange site as well.
The New York Stock Exchange
The New York Stock Exchange. - Free Services
Free stock quotes.
Yahoo! Finance
Personal finance information and stock quotes.

Television and Movies I watch too many movies... and play too many games... and... well, you get the point - I'd rather be playing than working.

Fox News
The most balanced major news station and the best place to see political news.
Times and locations of movies showing in San Antonio. Go to their home page to find your own city!
TV Land and Nick At Nite
If you like good old TV shows...
STARTREK.COM: The Official Star Trek Web Site!
The Official Star Trek Site. What can I say? I don't believe in little green men, but, well, Star Trek is still fun...
Star Wars Official Site
If you are really into Star's bad theology, but...well, it was a childhood favorite.


Going somewhere? Travel & Airline Information.

Southwest Airlines
My favorite airline (they have great prices!).
If Southwest doesn't fly there...
MSN Maps and Directions
Need a street map? Check out this site!